Lead Removal

Many older buildings and other structures have been painted with lead-based paints, which were once used extensively. We now know that lead is toxic and presents potential health and environmental problems. Removing lead based paints requires specialised processes that lift them without damaging the underlying substrate or releasing lead particles into the air and environment. We use specialty paint strippers that are overlaid with a paper-like sheet that lifts away the old paint and can then be disposed of safely and effectively.

This is, in our experience, by far the best and most effective way to remove lead without harm. We are committed to using the most people and environment friendly processes available, and to leaving as light a footprint as possible on our projects. If you have lead based paint (or even suspect you do), particularly if it is starting to chip or peel, we can remove it for you quickly and effectively using best-practice methods.

Ipswich Painting Project
Chatsworth Island Paint Restoration


Chatsworth Island Paint Restoration



Restoration work is our passion. It is both art and craft and requires a specialised range of skills and processes to achieve great results. We have worked with many skilled craftspeople and on a great variety of restoration projects over the last twenty years, learning and honing our knowledge and developing our expertise.

We gain great satisfaction from saving the past and making sure it will still be there, in great shape, into the future.

If you have a restoration project in mind, we would love to chat with you about what we can offer.

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